Auto accident sue

By | Oct 17, 2014

Your family members may also be entitled to recover damages if your injuries have harmed your relationship with them, and their out-of-pocket expenses. The availability of these damages may also depend upon the threshold described above, and may also be subject to a deductible.

Answered September 27, 2013 16:45. Yes, you can sue your husband for injuries. You can also sue your son. However, it is unlikely insurance will cover you as there is going to be a family exclusion. On top of that, your husband’s legal liability is only ,000 as a registered owner. Finally, do you really think a jury would ever give you money on this case? And the insurance knows that too. Sorry about your injuries. I hope you fully recover. Ontario’s system of automobile insurance is a “no-fault” system. This does not mean that no one is at fault, or that compensation will not have anything to do with whose fault the accident was. What “no-fault” means is that regardless of who is to blame for the accident, any injured persons may receive some compensation, the compensation available is referred to as accident benefits. Therefore these benefits are available to any injured party in a car accident regardless of their role in the accident, be it a driver, a passenger or even a pedestrian. Accident benefits are claimed from your own insurance company, therefore a driver, passenger or pedestrian will make a claim from their respective insurance companies. An Application for Accident Benefits should be completed and submitted to your own insurance company as soon as possible following a car accident.

auto accident sue

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