Las vegas refinancing mortgage

By | Oct 17, 2014

And what about us homeowners who do NOT have a mortgage backed by a government loan. ?? Why doesn’t Nevada have a “walk away” rule/law like the other hard hit states in the housing crisis?Why aren’t the statistics truly stated: unemployment in NV is more like 20%+, not 13%: 80% of the houses here are underwater, not 60%: casinos are making profits, not losing money. but only shareholders get a cut of that figure. Why isn’t there more people posting when this is a monumental issue in Nevada?? Good thing I bought a Tempur Pedic BEFORE the housing market crashed or I would be one heck of a nasty biotch each and every day. not just like, well, two or three days a week. ha! Levity can help. keeps me off prozac.

vegas2 Las Vegas Mortgage Refinancing

This is what I am reading everywhere. The cap is going away completely. This opens the government up to many more risky underwater loans, but that risk is going to be somewhere in the economy anyway until those loans are no longer underwater – either by appreciation or principal paydown.

las vegas refinancing mortgage

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las vegas refinancing mortgage

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